The President's Prize

The President's Prize is awarded as part of the Winter Scientific Meeting, to showcase and reward more clearly some of the outstanding research that has been undertaken by members of our training body.

The Prize session is open only to submissions that relate to research undertaken as part of a full time period away from training posts, and which are all, or in part, leading to submission for a higher degree of MS or PhD/DPhil standard (expressly not shorter MSc project material/dissertations). Succinct summary presentations of important novel findings will be welcomed, and the prize awarded (if an appropriate submission is delivered) for the most outstanding contribution to the advancement of surgical science related to the field of plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery.

The decision to accept papers for this session will be entirely at the discretion of the organising committee, and will be final and binding. Applicants for papers to be considered for this session are invited to send a short summary of their work, detailing where it has been based and over what period of study. This should be submitted via the online abstract submission system.

The organising committee reserves the right not to award the Prize in any given year.

Application to submit an abstract to the President's Prize can be made through the online abstract submission form for the relevant winter meeting.

The current prize awarded to the presenter of the prize winning paper is free registration for one of the following year's BAPRAS scientific meetings.

Past Winners

 2011 T S Win Chronic rejection in composite tissue allotransplants: lessons from solid organ transplantation
 2012 D Leonard Induction of stable mixed chimerism and vascularised composite allograft tolerance across a major histocompatibility barrier in miniature swine 
 2013 A McArdle Identification of a skeletal stem cell and the mechanisms responsible for its functional decline with age
 2014 E Azzopardi Characteristic gram-negative bacteria infecting burn wounds:epidemiological and biochemical profiling
 2015 M Griffin  Development of POSS-PCU nanocomposite polymer for auricular reconstruction
 2016 R Harrison  Smart polymers: a new toolbox for reconstruction?
 2017 A Rose  Inactivation of TGF? receptors in stem cells drive cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
 2018  D Dargan Groin dissections in skin cancer: effect of a change in prophylactic antibiotic protocol
 2019  L Trevor Pre-adipocytes modulate the migration, proliferation and metabolism of dermal fibroblasts derived from breast skin following radiotherapy: applications for wound healing