Paton Masser Memorial Fund

This trust was set up in 1991 in memory of Mr Michael Masser and Mr Ken Paton following their tragic deaths in 1990.

The Fund was established with donations from Members and further funds have been donated by the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons. From 2003 the award has been given to provide funds towards education or research projects in plastic surgery in the British Isles. The money may be given to one project or divided, as considered appropriate by the members of the BAPRAS Research Committee.


Up to the value of £5,000.00, given annually.



Please click here to apply. 

 The closing date for submission of applications is 31 October annually. Completed application forms and attachments are to be send to 

•  All applicants should convince the assessors that the proposed project is viable, completable and subsequently publishable. 
•  Applications are to include well-written introduction and method sections
•  Further CVs or project descriptions should not be submitted
•  Relevant reference should be included
•  Section D must not be longer than one side of single spaced A4 (font size no smaller than 10 points), but it must be convincing
•  When planning costs, please ensure that add on costs are included to salaries (NI contributions and superannuation). You are strongly advised to discuss this with the proposed employing organisation (Trust/University). The cost of consumables, postage, telephones, etc., should also be covered. Subsequent applications for additional funding to cover shortfalls will not usually be entertained
•  Applicants are strongly advised to seek statistical advice. Power studies should be presented, if appropriate, and the proposed statistical methods should be described
•  Please ensure that Ethical Committee approval has been obtained for the proposed project before submitting this application for consideration. Applications without proof of Ethical Committee approval will not be considered. If the applicant does not consider that Ethical Committee approval is required for the project, this should be clearly stated and explained. However, the Committee reserve the right to challenge this viewpoint.

Applicants should not apply for different prizes with the same or similar projects. In such cases, only the application for the larger prize will be considered.