About plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has two main components: reconstructive plastic surgery which is all about restoring appearance and function to the human body after illness or accident and aesthetic (often called “cosmetic”) plastic surgery which is done to change the appearance from choice.

Although you hear people mostly talking about cosmetic plastic surgery, the main work of nearly all plastic surgeons is reconstructive: covering all aspects of wound healing and reconstruction after congenital, acquired and traumatic problems, with aesthetic surgery playing a smaller but important part in their working week.

At BAPRAS, we know that our extensive experience of reconstructive plastic surgery techniques informs our practice when we engage in aesthetic surgery. In turn, our work on form and appearance helps us when we are carrying out reconstruction. It is better for patients and all those concerned to know that the expertise of their plastic surgeon works across the range of plastic surgery techniques for the restoration of function and appearance.

Modern plastic and reconstructive surgery is the combination of various surgical skills and techniques and works closely with many other disciplines. In this section of the website, we explain how plastic surgeons work with colleagues in other disciplines, both within and outside the NHS, inside and outside the UK and how plastic surgery is commissioned and regulated

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