BAPRAS/BAAPS Aesthetic Fellowships

The BAAPS/BAPRAS Fellowship is designed to support post-CCT Trainee Plastic Surgeons wishing to learn skills in Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine.

4 Fellowships of £8,000 each are available for 2020/21. Fellows will be given the opportunity to assist a senior aesthetic practitioner and their team for a period of 3 months. Fellows on Fellowship for 2020 will be a priority to finish their fellowship in 2021. There may be delays in completing fellowships due to COVID.

The Fellowship will comprise the following:

  • Exposure to a full range of Aesthetic Surgery including breast, truncal, facial and peri-orbital surgery
  • Aesthetic medicine experience including botulinum toxin and dermal filler procedures
  • The opportunity to participate in outpatient, pre-and postoperative care
  • Protected time given to individual tutorials on various aspects the Aesthetic Surgery syllabus
  • A supervised research project or audit

The participating programme directors are:

  • Mr Bryan Mayou, London
  • Professor Neil McLean, Newcastle
  • Mr Dan Saleh, Newcastle
  • Mr Muhammad Riaz, Hull and Yorkshire
  • Mr Kenneth Stewart, Edinburgh
  • Mr Mark Henley, Nottingham
  • Mr Graham Offer, Leicester

In addition, Dr Greg Williams will provide Fellows with an overview of hair transplant surgery.

Application process
Applicants must have an informal conversation with their chosen programme director who must undertake to support application.

Applicants may apply for to work with Programme Director.

Click here to download an application form