Barron Prize

The prize was initiated by Mr John Barron for postgraduate education and associated travel, but is now awarded for the best CD-ROM or DVD or video submitted by any Member of BAPRAS or by any plastic surgery trainee. 


•  The winner will be given a prize of £500.
•  The name(s) of the winner(s) will be included in the BAPRAS handbook and a certificate will be presented
•  The selection will be made by the Education Committee at their meeting in September 

Entry criteria

•  Entries may be submitted by any member of BAPRAS or by any plastic surgery trainee working in the UK
•  Entries may be produced by more than one person and the prize in these circumstances will be shared
•  Producers of the prize-winning entry will be asked to transfer the copyright of their production to the Association
•  All entries of merit (including the winner) are to be made available for the BAPRAS Audiovisual Library
•  Production costs are to be met by the producer with the aid of outside sponsorship if necessary
•  The producer has subject choice.
•  The entry should run for a maximum of 20 minutes.
•  The format of the entries must be in a format compatible with standard Microsoft Windows software.
•  Entries can be made on any subject or subjects. It will be judged on several grounds, including its technical quality, the skill shown in production and editing, its clinical content, its educational value and the amount of information, visual and auditory, which is presented in the given time.
•  The best entries transmit a great deal of information rapidly. Some is visual and some spoken. If an operative technique is being demonstrated, it is very helpful to give background information about anatomy, alternative or similar methods, a bit of history on the subject, pitfalls of the technique and possible complications and problems. Ideally pre- and post-operative clinical cases should be shown and indications and contra-indications discussed.
•  Avoid repetition, deviation and hesitation and try to fill every second with useful information so that the viewer is never bored and is always learning something. 

Judging Criteria

• Originality
• Clinical relevance
• Effort made in production
• Quality of illustrations
• Practicality of any technique

Format of Entries

Entries can be submitted either by 
•  Secure file sharing (eg Dropbox or similar)
•  YouTube
•  Vimeo

If you have questions about how to apply please email

Closing date

Entries should be received by 10 August each year. Confirmation of receipt will be sent by email by the Secretariat


we are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the below application form. If you have not yet received notification from the BAPRAS Secretariat by 10 August, please email or call 0207 831 5161.

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