The Secretariat

We are currently recruiting for a new BAPRAS Operations Manager. Please click here for more information.

The Secretariat team runs BAPRAS' administrative office. Listed below are members of staff and their roles

Adlington, Gemma
Ross, Sharon
Neave, Ruth
Gemma Adlington
Head of Operations
Sharon Ross
Workforce Planning Coordinator
Ruth Neave
Collections Officer
(Antony Wallace Archive)
 Burrows, Matt
Prashar, Kavita
Emma web pic
Matt Burrows
Membership, Committees 
& Council Coordinator
Kavita Prashar
Events Coordinator
Emma Brighton
Digital and Creative
Media Coordinator
Richards, Judy
 Charlotte Smith

Mobolaji (Bola) Olusina
Head of Finance
Judy Richards
Finance Coordinator
Charlotte Smith
Events Coordinator
 Elizabeth web pic    
Elizabeth Andrade
Events Coordinator