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A selection of news articles and pieces that BAPRAS members have been involved with

March 2021 
Mail Online - 'Lockdown Botox ban that's been torture for facial palsy patients after treatment for condition is deemed cosmetic and non-essential'

February 2021 
Woman's Hour - 'Leadership and the effect of Covid-19 on leadership styles, Sex, Gender & the Census, Breast Reduction'

November 2020
NHS England - ‘Top doc issues safety warning ahead of stay at home firework displays’

October 2020
Mail Online - Doctors raise concerns over DIY firework displays
BBC News - Don't hold home firework displays, urge doctors
The National - Doctors raise concerns over DIY firework displays
The Herald - Doctors raise concerns over DIY firework displays
The Courier - Doctors raise concerns over DIY firework displays
Sunday Post - Doctors raise concerns over DIY firework displays
Press Association - Doctors Raise Concerns Over DIY Firework Displays – syndicated across 100+ local outlets
The Press and Journal - ‘Medics advise against DIY firework displays’

September 2020
The Guardian - More than 1,500 NHS breast reconstructions delayed due to COVID

April 2020
Daily Mirror - Avoid DIY and gardening during coconavirus lockdown, urge doctors
The Sun Online - Don't do gardening or DIY during coronavirus lockdown, docs warn
The Telegraph - Self isolaters warned against unnecessary DIY, after spike in traumatic injuries caused by power tools see hospitals stretched even further

February 2020
BBC News - Cosmetic surgery: Woman scarred after procedure in Turkey

November 2019
Yahoo - Woman fears for unborn baby after botched tummy tuck left her battling sepsis
The Sun (and the Scottish Sun) - BABY FEARS Pregnant mum told to 'prepare for the worst' after botched £4,000 tummy tuck triggered deadly sepsis
Daily Mail - Expectant mother, 27, tells how she almost died of sepsis after botched £42,00 tummy tuck she had in Poland to become 'Insta perfect' became infected
The Mirror - Woman, 27, almost died after botched £4,200 tummy tuck to become 'Insta perfect'
Evening Times - Pregnant woman fears botched tummy tuck abroad might hurt unborn baby
The Huffington Post - Tweakments and top-ups: Are young women happy with a flawless face?
The Guardian - NHS surgeons say fireworks should carry graphic warnings
Mail Online - Leading surgeons call for fireworks to be sold in cigarette-style packaging with graphic images of life-changing burns and injuries

October 2019
Mail Online - BAPRAS president Mark Henley quoted in response to new Channel 4 show 'the Surjury'

Fashionista - Beauty tourism is a quietly flourishing global industry

September 2019
Vice UK - The unstoppable rise of the 'Instagram Face'

July 2019
The Guardian - My breast reduction: Why I had the surgery that helped Simona Halep win at Wimbledon

May 2019
Huffpost - 'If You’re Stabbed In The Street, This Is What Happens In The Seconds, Minutes And Hours After'

April 2019
The Sunday Post - 'Plastic surgeon warns that fireworks thrown at football matches can scar, injure and kill'
BBC News - 'Five-minute 'needle' nose job'?

March 2019

Mail Online & The Sun - 'Schoolgirls as young as 13 are seeking Botox to mimic celebrities amid a rise in metal health and self-esteem problems, plastic surgeons warn'
The Times - 'Teenagers line up for Botox jabs to mimic celebrities'

Feburary 2019
Glamour Magazine - 'A new TV show sees a judging panel vote on whether people need plastic surgery and the world is NOT happy'

January 2019
Belfast Telegraph - 'Surgeons slam Channel 4 show in which young people plead to go under the knife
Mail Online - 'Doctors accuse Channel 4 show of "glamorising" surgery in new show which sees young people plead with a jury to approve their "dream" cosmetic procedures'
The Guardian - 'Plastic Surgeons call for tougher UK rules on dermal fillers'

December 2018
BBC News - 'Losing 18st left me uncomfortable in my own skin'

 November 2018
The Telegraph - 'Fireworks should carry cigarette-style graphic warnings to prevent injuries, say plastic surgeons'
The Huffington Post - 'Why it's time to stop selling Fireworks'
Press Association - 'Call for graphic warnings on firework packaging'
The Guardian - ‘Plastic surgeons call for cigarette-style warnings on fireworks’
The Times - 'It's time to rein in fireworks'
The Times - 'Surgeons call for curbs on fireworks 'sold like sweets"
BBC News - ‘Firework packaging should show graphic injuries, doctors say’
Metro - ‘Fireworks ‘should carry graphic warnings on packet’ as injuries double’
ITV News - ‘Call for graphic warnings on firework packaging’
Manchester Evening News - ‘Doctors say firework packaging should show graphic warnings’

October 2018
BBC News Online - BAPRAS member and plastic surgeon Paolo Matteucci successfully campaigned for Lisa Beardsley to receive NHS-funded botox treatment after her face was left paralysed from facial palsy

August 2018
Evening Standard - Plastic surgery abroad: what you need to know about 'medical tourism' 
Mirror - BAPRAS members among surgeons to issue warnings as 'Superdrug brings Botox and dermal filler treatments to high street'
The Guardian - Tongue splitting poses serious risk to health, say surgeons
BBC News Online - Tongue splitting: Surgeons warn of serious health risks
The Sun - Snakey stuff: What is tongue splitting, is it legal in the UK and what are the risks?
The Metro - People who get their tongues split are putting their lives at risk
Mail Online - From nerve damage to haemorrhage and even trouble breathing: Doctors warn about the 'horrific consequences' of bizarre tongue-splitting trend
Newsweek - What is tongue-splitting? Trend could have dangerous health risks, surgeons warn

June 2018
The Independent - BAPRAS member Joe o'Donoghue comments on an investigation that has found women with breast cancer may be denied access to reconstructive surgery to 'reduce NHS costs'
The Telegraph - BAPRAS involvement in launch of new CCG Guidelines for Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Guidelines after findings show breast cancer patients are being denied reconstructive surgery

May 2018
GQ - BAPRAS member Demetrius Evrivades recognised for pioneering work on penile reconstruction of wounded soldiers returning from Afghanistan

April 2018
The Independent - First man to receive double hand transplant in UK writes thank you letter to BAPRAS member, Simon Kay

February 2018
The Guardian - 'Botched Cosmetic Surgery'. BAPRAS member Simon Eccles recommends patients investigate procedures and surgeons thoroughly before going ahead with surgery

January 2018
Mail Online - BAPRAS member Ruth Waters asks 'Why are women still being denied breast reconstruction?'

December 2017

Mail Online - BAPRAS member Shehan Hettiaratchy invited to meet with PM Theresa May for Britain's most inspiring health worker awards
Assocations Now - A Public Awareness Lesson from Avocados (Avocado Hand)

November 2017
Daily Mail - BAPRAS member Shehan Hettiaratchy nominated for 2017 Health Hero Award by patient who received treatment following the Westminster Bridge terrorist attack

October 2017
Daily Mail- Anna de Leo recommends fitting of safety latches on doors at home to prevent finger crush injuries in children 

June 2017
Sunday Times (behind pay wall)- Simon Eccles comments on lack of regulation in the aesthetic medicine industry

May 2017
Guardian Telegraph BBC Metro -Simon Eccles warned people to exercise care when removing stones from avocados, to avoid 'avocado hand'
The Times The Mirror- Jorge Leon-Villapalos commented on the rise in acid attacks on young people
BBC the One Show- Omar Ahmed appeared on the One Show this month, talking about a procedure he'd performed as part of a team of surgeons, during which a benign tumour was removed from a patient's jaw and reconstructed, using 3D technology

April 2017

The Guardian- Honorary Secretary Simon Eccles comments on lack of change in regulation of cosmetic procedures on the 4th anniversary of the Keogh Report

July 2016
BBC Radio Manchester- Kavit Amin explained more about the recent landmark double hand transplant procedure

May 2016
Belfast Telegraph and With Cleft Lip and Palate Awareness week underway, BAPRAS' Chris Hill talks about patients that he's helped
The Daily Mail- Chair of the BAPRAS Innovation Special Interest Group, Ryan Kerstein, comments on a new device which could be used to detect bacterial growth in wounds
Talk Radio- BAPRAS' Brent Tanner talks to Talk Radio about penis transplant surgery- Listen again
December 2015
The Daily Mail- BAPRAS Member Sarah Tucker saves the life and leg of a moped crash victim

July 2015
The Daily Telegraph- 100 years of plastic surgery
The Sunday Times- Fill me in 

June 2015
The Guardian- Is cosmetic surgery the new acceptable face of womanhood? 

February 2015

Sky News- Thousands risk health over cosmetic surgery 

January 2015

Daily Mail- BAPRAS President Nigel Mercer comments on the possible reasons behind a failed buttock implant procedure

October 2013
The Sun- Patient story- focus on craniosynostosis, with advice from BAPRAS Member Steven Wall

July 2012
C21 Magazine- Chair of BAPRAS' Head and Neck Special Interest Group Omar Ahmed talks about the role of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery

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