Support for Ukraine - webinar series

The 'Support for Ukraine - Paediatric Series" is the next stage of the webinar series we have run so far in collaboration with BOA. This series will concentrate on injured children and is supported by Save the Children, Ukraine Ministry of Health, the Paediatric Blast Injury Group, BAPRAS and BOA. 

Upcoming Webinars:

13. Management of battlefield soft tissue injuries using local flaps
16 January 2024 18:30 London

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Previous Webinars

12. Principles of Enhanced Rehabilitation for Survivors of Major Trauma
7 November 2023, 18:30 London

Speakers: Jason Wong, Adam Reid, Андрій Лисак, Василь Суворов 

11. Management of paediatric thoracic injuries in a conflict situation
Tuesday 20 June, 18:30 London

Chair: Andrii Lysak
Translation: Vasil Suvorov

10. Paediatric abdominal trauma 
Tuesday 6th June 2023

Topic: Paediatric Abdominal Trauma
Speaker: Suren Arul
Chair: Andrii Lysak 

9.Management of Paediatric Head Injuries in a Conflict Situation
May 23, 2023 18:30 London

Chair Andrii Lysak
Co-chair Paul Reavley
Translation Vasil Suvorov

8. Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support Considerations for Children in a Conflict Situation 
Tuesday 25 April 2023, 18:30 UK 19:30 CET 20:30 Ukraine

Presenter: Arij Bou Reslan 
Chair : Andrii Lyask
Co Chair: Naveen Cavale
Translation: Vasil Suvorov

7.Tuesday 28th March 2023

18:30 UK 19:30 CET 20:30 Ukraine
Speakers: TBC
Chairs: Andrii Lysak 

6. Tuesday 11th April 2023

18:30 UK 19:30 CET 20:30 Ukraine
Speakers: TBC
Chairs: Andrii Lysak 


5. Critical care of the paediatric trauma patient 
Tuesday 14th March 2023

Speakers: Dr David Inwald and Dr Gavin Wooldridge 

The recording of this session will be available soon. 

4. Paediatric trauma anaesthesia
Tuesday 14th February 2023

Speaker: Dr Steve Bree
Chairs: Andrii Lysak & Bob Handley

Please click here to view the recording

 3. Pre-hospital care and transport
Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Chair: Andrii Laysek
Co-chair: David Wallace
Speaker: Andy Lockyer

Recording will be available soon 

2. Assessment and Resuscitation in Paediatric Conflict Trauma
Tuesday, 17 January 2023

This session is focused on; 'Assessment and Resuscitation in Paediatric Conflict Trauma' and will be followed by a Q&A

Chair: Andrii Lysak
Co-Chair: Deborah Eastwood, BOA President 
Speaker: Dr Paul Reavley, Pre-hospital Care and Transport of the Paediatric Trauma Patient

1. Damage Control Surgery in Children

Chair: Andrii Lysak
Co-Chair: Deborah Eastwood
Speaker: Suren Arul, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon