Withdrawal of Macrolane for use in breast augmentation

Media Release- 23 April 2012

On Friday 20 April 2012, the manufacturers Q-Med withdrew their injectable dermal filler Macrolane for use in breast augmentation.

BAPRAS Vice President Graeme Perks said:  
“BAPRAS believes it is critical that every patient in the UK - whether being treated on the NHS or privately - is protected before, during and after their surgery.  If there is any doubt about the safety and efficacy of a product it should not be used.  We therefore support the withdrawal of the dermal filler Macrolane for breast augmentation.

"The recent examples of PIP breast implants and now Macrolane reiterate how important it is for cosmetic interventions to be properly regulated within the UK.  We continue to work closely with the Department of Health to review current regulation and make recommendations for the future.  We would to see a mandatory register for breast augmentation as part of this, with all types of ‘implant’ included.”

For further information on Macrolane, please see the MHRA and Q-Med websites:


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