BAPRAS supports ASA ruling on irresponsible advertisements for breast enhancement

Today, the Advertising Standards Agency has ruled that advertisements for breast enhancement surgery, which were aired during the popular ITV dating show, Love Island, were ‘irresponsible and harmful’. By positioning breast enhancements as directly linked to happiness, the adverts ‘implied that the women were only able to enjoy the aspirational lifestyle shown, and to be happy with their bodies, because they had undergone that surgery’.

BAPRAS supports the ruling and shares the ASA’s and complainants’ concerns that adverts depicting cosmetic procedures in this way have the potential to worsen existing pressures around body image, negatively impact mental health, and encourage people to make rushed decisions about surgery.
BAPRAS launched their ‘Think Over Before You Make Over’ campaign in 2016, after conducting research which, worryingly, showed that:

51% of people who had undergone surgery feel marketing from clinics made them more likely to consider a treatment than they would have otherwise

21% of all people having cosmetic surgery in the UK aren’t aware of the risks associated with the procedure

22% aren’t clear on the potential outcomes of their procedure before going ahead

59% of patients who underwent surgery less than two weeks after their first consultation are actually less confident about their appearance afterwards

David Ward, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and President of BAPRAS commented: “Advertisements such as this are highly inappropriate and put unhelpful pressures on people struggling with body image. We urge anyone considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure to think-through any decision very carefully – ensure that you choose a reputable surgeon, are informed of all of the risks, and are clear about the aftercare required following the surgery.”

To find out more about the campaign and access resources providing guidance for those considering cosmetic surgery, visit: