BAPRAS involved in the development of new national guidelines for complex regional pain syndrome

23 July 2018

BAPRAS member James Henderson has been involved in the development of new guidelines for complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) which were launched in the House of Commons today, Monday 23 July.

Commenting on the launch of the updated guidelines, James Henderson notes: “A rare but dreaded complication of injury or surgery, CRPS is not always diagnosed early enough to allow appropriate treatment to be effective, leading to severe and chronic pain and disability.

It was an honor to represent BAPRAS on the committee updating the national guidelines on CRPS. It was very interesting and enjoyable to work with a team of specialists from multiple professions, including an orthopaedic colleague representing the BSSH. The process, led by neurologist Andreas Goebel, was very thorough and produced an extremely comprehensive document.

The updated guidelines have sections for surgeons, as well as GPs, neurologists, dermatologists, pain medicine, rehabilitation medicine and long-term care professionals.

We worked hard to make the guidelines simple to use, easy to understand evidence based, and, especially relevant to the professionals for whom they are intended.  For example, a simple A4 diagram is included that can be displayed in hand surgery clinics which shows the diagnostic criteria and recommended treatments.

I anticipate that these guidelines will facilitate earlier diagnosis of CRPS, prompt treatment with modalities that are supported by evidence, and improved multidisciplinary care of patients with this rare and challenging condition.”

 The updated guidelines are available at: