Poster Presentation Prize

This prize was awarded annually from 2005 to 2009 to the presenter of the best paper poster presented at the Summer and Winter Scientific Meetings of the Association.

Past Winners

Summer 2005 N Akhtar  The use of Biobrane in treatment of superficial paediatric scalds: the Nottingham experience

J R Seward Plastic surgical management of the contralateral breast in post-mastectomy breast reconstruction 
Winter 2005 A Lahiri  Use of bone wax to aid chondrocutaneous composite grafting (point of technique) 
Summer 2006 J Tan  The use of 2-D diagrammatic computer animations to illustrate the movement and enhance the understanding of local flaps 
Winter 2006 A J Mellington  Thermal manipulation of auricular cartilage using an ex-vivo porcine model 
Summer 2007 I Whitaker  Anatomical and technical considerations for restoring form and function of the periorbital unit following facial allotransplantation 
Winter 2007 M Hambly  Procedures and outcomes in soft tissue coverage for advanced penile cancer 
Summer 2008 K E Nelson  Mirror foot: a reflection- three case studies 
Winter 2008 M Davis  Ideal pinnaplasty dressing- glue versus bandage 
Summer 2009 J Kean  Thromboprophylaxis in patients attending a day surgery unit for plastic surgical procedures 

C Lewis  A review of angiosarcoma patient presentation, demographics and management within the North-East bone and soft tissue tumour group