Mowlem Award

The Association endowed a fund from the income which The Mowlem Award will have provided to commemorate Mr Rainsford Mowlem's Presidency of the International Congress on Plastic Surgery in London in 1959

One award of £300 was given every four years until the depletion of the fund.

Past Winners

 1962 J S Calnan
T J S Patterson 
 1966 D C Bodenham
D J Crockett
 1970 D O Maisels
 1974 I A McGregor 
 1978 P L G Townsend 
 1982 R W Pigott 
 1986 G I Taylor 
 1990 M D Poole 
 1994 D A McGrouther 
 1998 No award made 
 2002 D S Soutar 
 2007 A Fox
N R McLean
G J P Williams 
 2009 C T K Khoo
J O'Donoghue