This prize was awarded annually from 1992 to 2008 to the presenter of the best paper at the Summer Scientific Meeting of the Association

Past Winners

 1992 V C Lees  Development of a new wound healing model for the quantitative study of angiogenesis 
 1993  B Coghlan Measurement of the long term effects of the Tajima reverse U cleft nose correction 
 1994 D L Harris  Need and outcome measured in 415 patients listed for cosmetic surgery under the NHS- an interim report 
 1995 L E Ion  Mechanical analysis of a new type of flexor tendon repair 
 1996 P G Budny  Effect of body weight and body mass index on outcome and complication rates in breast reduction surgery 
 1997 D S Soutar  The natural history and patterns of recurrence of tongue tumours 
 1998 S Eccles  A new method of managing complex intra-articular phalangeal fractures 
 1999 L H Yap  The anatomical and neurophysiological basis of sensate free TRAM flap 
 2000 G D Sterne  A method of inframammary crease reconstruction 
 2001 B M Richard  Maxillary arch changes in a randomised controlled trial of Malek v Oslo sequencing of UCLP repair 
 2002 A Topping  Sentinel node biopsy for melanoma- An analysis of results to date with additional reference to histological findings 
 2003 M Rashid  Avulsion injuries of the male external genitalia:  a classification and customisation of the radial forearm free flap for reconstruction 
 2004 P Yu  Characteristics of the anterolateral thigh flap in a western population 
 2005 L Fourie  Noma: can we use first world techniques in a third world setting 
 2006 A Greig  Reconstruction of the exenterated orbit with osseointegrated implants 
 2007 F Sha'ban  Audit of infective complications from paediatric burns: does mixing acute medical admissions with burn patients increase the incidence? 
 2008 J M Rawlins  Artificial skin substitutes for breast resurfacing and reconstruction following burns