Where can you have breast reconstruction?

Breast cancer treatment and reconstruction is available on the NHS and your initial contact with the hospital will usually be through a breast clinic.

The following process is likely to be put in place:
•  You will usually see a general breast surgeon who specialises in treating diseases of the breast
•  The breast surgeon will arrange your diagnostic tests and biopsies and will be responsible for the surgical treatment of the cancer, be it by wide local excision or mastectomy
•  Some breast surgeons will also offer some of the techniques of breast reconstruction in this booklet or will ask a plastic surgeon to help with the reconstruction
•  In immediate reconstruction the surgeons will often work together at the same operation

At BAPRAS we encourage the involvement of plastic surgeons in this process. A plastic surgeon is trained specifically in reconstruction and many have specialised particularly in reconstruction of the breast.

The plastic surgery service near you will usually be able to offer all of the available techniques including microsurgical reconstruction using free flaps such as TRAM or DIEP.

Ideally plastic surgeons would all work in the same hospital as the breast surgeons, but this is not always the case. Plastic surgery for breast reconstruction is freely available on the NHS and so if there is not a plastic surgeon in your breast clinic then the breast team can arrange for you to see a plastic surgeon in another outpatient clinic. This way, you can consider all the options for which you might be suitable, even if they are not available in your local hospital

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