Our archivists have produced several publications on the history of BAPRAS and of the specialty of plastic surgery. These are available to download below

History of BAPS
In 1987 we published a book on the first forty years of BAPS. Edited by Mr Antony Wallace the book provides an insight into the early development of the Association.

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Picking up on where the previous history book left off, in November 2016, as the Association approached its 70th birthday, we published the history of BAPRAS from 1986-2016, which was edited by Honorary Archivist, Mr A Roger Green.

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'A Strange New Art'- Plastic Surgery and the First World War
In 2014, BAPRAS hosted the ESPRAS meeting of European plastic and reconstructive surgeons in Edinburgh. 

As this coincided so closely with the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, we started to think about the development of the specialty brought about by the conflict, and so produced an exhibition to display what we know and to stimulate discussion about this important time.

The exhibition, entitled 'a Strange New Art' has been subsequently displayed at a number of BAPRAS and other Association meetings, in locations as varied as Bruges and Boston.

An accompanying booklet was produced, penned by our then Honorary Archivist, Mr Brian Morgan, and Assistant Curator Kristin Hussey.

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