Wellbeing support resources

BAPRAS unequivocally condemns harassment, bullying and abuse and supports all victims.
We continue to work towards finding ways to eliminate this unacceptable – and often criminal – behaviour, as well as find better ways to support victims of assault and abuse in our profession.
Our Association is currently working with relevant bodies to create a solid system that can effectively deal with this challenge.



CBS Surgical Advisory Service - support line 

Confidential, impartial helpline.
The Surgical Advisory Scheme had been established by Confederation of British Surgery (CBS) to assist and advise surgeons.

Its aim is to provide an independent, empathetic hearing to any member of BAPRAS experiencing bullying, undermining or harassment. Through the scheme, members can find out about their options and the likely consequences of pursuing them.

The advice service is led by Ms Emily Borhan, a legal and claims consultant who will signpost individuals to help elsewhere. She is not a solicitor and as such, she will not provide legal advice.

This service is available to BAPRAS members, regardless of CBS membership.

For advice and assistance, please call: 07498 322935 or email: advice@cbsgb.co.uk

RCS England

Confidential Support and Advice Service (CSAS)
If you are experiencing problems in your work or personal life, or are seeking, legal and financial information and guidance, and would like confidential support and advice from a trained counsellor please call the helpline* on 0800 028 0199. Advice is available 24/7. 

RCS England's 24/7 Confidential Support and Advice Service from a trained counsellor on 020 7869 6221

Health Education England Resources

Human Factors, Patient Safety, Non-technical Skills Training for STs run by HEE

Contact Faculty Development @ HEE to enquire about relevant dates and sessions in YOUR region

Situational Support 

How to avoid being a perpetrator


RCS Ed Tackling bullying and undermining in Surgery and Dentistry includes a free e-tutorial Anti-Bullying and Undermining Campaign | RCSEd

How to be Assertive Without Being a Bully | RCSEd

Is My Behaviour Affecting the Team? | RCSEd

BMJ did a webinar Preventing bullying and harassment Online course | BMJ Learning

And have a page on how to be nicer in work Promoting a positive working environment (bma.org.uk)

And more BMA resources in different types of discrimination Bullying and harassment support resources (bma.org.uk)

Equality and diversity guidance (bma.org.uk)

How to respond if you witness this behaviour (Bystander response)


Active Bystander Training | Challenging Antisocial Behaviour - The Active Bystander Training Company is the company that BMA use for their elected council members

What Can You Do? | RCSEd

How to manage a situation where you are the victim of this behaviour

Are You Being Bullied? | RCSEd
The Facts and the Law | RCSEd

In addition, the GMC's ethical hub has links to information about racism and sexual misconduct Ethical hub - GMC (gmc-uk.org)

The RCOG has a whole toolkit on the above questions Workplace Behaviour Toolkit | RCOG, which they developed along with RCSEd.