PRASSA UK Teaching Series 2024

Webinar series

Date & Time


February 29th 2024, 7 pm

Breast surgery (TBC)

March 4th 2024, 7 pm

Head and Neck surgery

March 14th 2024, 7 pm

Skin surgery (TBC)

March 21st 2024, 7 pm

Lower Limb surgery (TBC)

March 28th 2024, 7 pm

Paediatric Plastic surgery

April 4th 2024, 7 pm

Burns surgery (TBC)

April 11th 2024, 7 pm

Hand surgery

PRASSA UK proudly presents our annual online teaching series. The tutorials are tailored for medical students interested in plastic surgery and will cover topics within the field through a series of insightful lectures. We will cover areas such as lower limb reconstruction, head and neck surgery, paediatric plastic surgery and more, delivered by experts in the field. The sessions will last an hour, and be delivered online every week via MEDALL, with the opportunity to ask the tutors any questions you may have at the end.

In attending these talks you will gain an understanding of common conditions within plastic surgery, along with their presentation, investigations, and surgical management. Medical students will also have the opportunity to ask questions to experts in their field to gain a deeper insight into the life of a plastic surgeon.

Based on previous years an estimated attendance of between 100-200 students is expected - all of whom will receive a certificate for attending the tutorial.


Registration fees: Free to attend


Learning Objectives:


The learning objectives have been set based on the Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme for plastic surgery.


1. Head and neck surgery

· Basic anatomy of the head and neck

· The diagnosis, classification, and management of the different types of oropharyngeal cancer

· Principles of microsurgery

· Principles of flaps in head and neck surgery


2. Breast surgery

· Anatomy of the breast

· Breast examination and investigations

· Breast cancer screening diagnosis, classification, and management

· Implant-based vs autologous breast reconstruction


3. Hand surgery

· Anatomy of the hand

· The diagnosis and management of hand & wrist fractures

· The diagnosis and management of nerve compression syndromes & brachial plexus injuries

· The surgical management of tendon injuries


4. Lower limb surgery

· Anatomy of the lower limb

· Pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of vascular injuries, compartment syndrome, and open fractures.

· Indications for amputation

· The use of free flaps in lower limbs


5. Skin surgery

· Anatomy of the skin

· The diagnosis, classification, and management of skin lesions

· Classification, advantages, and disadvantages of the different types of flaps


6. Burns surgery

· Pathophysiology of burns

· The clinical assessment, classification, and management of burns patients

· Burns resuscitation and critical care


7. Paediatric plastic surgery

· The diagnosis, classification, and management of congenital craniofacial anomalies

· The diagnosis and management of paediatric burns

· The child’s hand, vascular disorders, and tumours

· Understanding basic principles of surgical management of paediatric surgery

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