McIndoe Lecture

In 1962, the Royal College of Surgeons of England received a donation from the Royal Air Forces Association to cover the McIndoe Lectureship.

The British Association of Plastic Surgery and the Royal College of Surgeons of England agreed that the lecture should be devoted to plastic surgery or another allied subject and should be based on the lecturer’s experience in that field.

The Lectureship is awarded by the Council of the College on the recommendation of the President of the College, and the President and Honorary Secretary of BAPRAS.

A list of the past lecturers and their topic are below. If you are interested in further information, then please contact the Secretariat

McIndoe Lecturers

1962 G H Morley Plastic Surgery in War and Peace 
1964 P H Jayes  The Establishment of the Specialty of Plastic Surgey and its Contribution to Other Specialties 
1966 D N Matthews A Tribute to the Services of Sir Archibald McIndoe to Plastic Surgery 
1968 F Braithwaite  Oral Carcinoma in Relation to Reconstruction 
1970 J Watson Trends in the Treatment of Burns- the Influence of McIndoe 
1972 J Bruner  Contributions of Sir Archibald McIndoe to Surgery of the Hand 
1974 Sir Terrence Ward The Maxillofacial Unit 
1976 R M Davies  FFARCS Relationships 
1978 D MaG Jackson  Burns: McIndoe's Contribution and Subsequent Advances 
1980 D C Bodenham  In Quest of Perfection 
1982 J N Barron  McIndoe- the Gentle Giant 
1984 J T Hueston  Dupuytren's Disease- the Role of the Skin 
1986 Sir Michael Wood  The Birth of Plastic Surgery in East Africa 
1988 T D Rees  The Surgery of Aesthetics- A Modern Dilemma 
1990 R F Brown  Fifty Years in Retrospect 
1992 I F K Muir  Burns- the Pursuit of Healing 
1994 C J Green  Development in Peripheral Nerve Reconstruction 
1996 M D Poole  Plastic Surgical Bridges 
1998 R Vantakatswami Developing a Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery Unit in India 
2000 R Sanders  Guinea Pigs and Plastic Surgery 
2002 D A McGrouther  The Redefinition of Plastic Surgery 
2004 G I Taylor  Saving Face 
2006 P Blondeel  Was Sir Archibald McIndoe a Pioneer in Perforator Flaps 'Avant la Lettre'? 
2008 P G Arnold  War Wounds: A Compelling Surgical Teacher 
2010 A D Holmes  Serendipity, Epiphany and a Fortunate Surgical Life 
2012 M Siemionow  Ethical Challenges in Face Transplantation 
2014 S P J Kay  The Missing Hand 
2016 B Sommerlad  The Honest Surgeon
2018  S Pape   Ten Things I have learned in 30 Years of Burns Care
2020 M Rashid
 "Living in interesting times” (NB- due to the COVID 19 pandemic, this lecture was given in 2021)
2022 M Tarar  Tide in the affairs of men: a journey of opportunities