International Dermoscopy Course for Plastic Surgeons

Date: 4 March 2024
Location: Saïd Business School, Oxford

Event information: 
Interactive lectures dedicated to plastic surgeons as well as any surgeon dealing with skin cancer (NICE requirement). The course summarises the dermoscopic alphabet. This is then applied so that the basic features needed to diagnose the main skin cancers and their benign differential diagnoses are covered.

Course Agenda
08.30 Registration

09.30 – 11.00 - Part 1 – Dermoscopy of benign lesions
Introduction & blood vessels - identifying vascular patterns to aid diagnosis
Benign lesions I, II & III - increasing confidence in benign lesion diagnosis
Devices - practical and imaging tips for clinical practice
Seborrhoeic keratoses - identifying the multiple presentations
Naevi & Interesting naevi - understanding naevus morphology and risk

11.20 – 13.00 -  Part 2 - Dermoscopy of non-melanoma skin cancer
NMSC I - confidence in diagnosing AK, Bowens and SCC
NMSC II - confidence in diagnosing subtypes of BCC

14.00 – 17.00-  Part 3 – Dermoscopy of melanoma
Facial, acral & scalp lesions - diagnostic tips for melanoma on special sites
Early melanoma - 12 features for early diagnosis of SSMM
Hypopigmented melanoma - confidence in diagnosing subtle melanoma
Nodular melanoma - diagnostic tips for diagnosis
Summary of the day - tips for safe clinical practice

17.00 Meeting close

Fees: £300 to include coffee/tea/lunch and copy of text book

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