9th International Breast Surgery Workshop and 5th World Consensus Conference on BIA-ALCL

Date: 19 - 20 April 2024
Location: Rome, Italy 

Event information: 

The program will start on Friday April 19th 2024 with the 9th International Breast Surgery Workshop, and will cover advance in breast reconstruction with autologous tissues, including lymphedema treatment, and fat transfer. The second session will highlight the state in breast reduction and matopexy, while the evening sessions will cover advanced the most current prepectoral vs retropectoral implant based breast reconstruction techniques with the aid of ADM. The afternoon session „Cyber Plastic Surgery” will continue the day by introducing you in the future of plastic surgery with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Last session will focus on trends on Aesthetic Breast Augmentation among world experts. 

Saturday April 20th 2024, will begin with a EURAPS session, continuing the topic of Aesthetic Breast Augmentation among EU leaders. The panels will then transition to the 5th World Consensus Conference on BIA-ALCL, with the first session „The Game of Evidence”, focusing on scientific evidences vs non-scientific ones. The second session in the afternoon will cover the latest data on case tracking, epidemiology and management of BIA-ALCL, and the third session will continue with most accredited BIA-ALCL ethiopathogenetc theories. Will conclude the day the most important session „The Role of Authorities”, where Regulatory Authorities from USA and EU in a round table will discuss their position on BIA-ALCL and eventually any new initiative. Further USA and EU consensus guidelines will be presented, while Leaders from national scientific Plastic Surgery Societies will actively participate to a long question time.
Registration fees: 
Virtual - free 
In person - £70 

Find out more and register: https://www.ibsw.it/