Information for speakers and presenters

Your Presentation - The full programme is available here

Presentation information

Please read the below carefully:
• Please ensure you include some time for questions from the audience within your time slot (unless specified in the programme).
• While every effort has been made to stick to the timings that you were initially given, in some instances, we have had to tweak presentation timings slightly.
• I’d like to remind you of the importance of keeping to the time slot allocated to you, as the programme is very busy.

AV information

Please read the below carefully:
• We would highly recommend that you we transfer your files to at least 3 days before the event date or bring on the day on a memory stick.
• Please do not embed videos into your presentation, simply insert a blank slide to indicate where you would like the video to play and supply as a separate file, our AV team will ensure your video plays at the correct point when you are presenting. Also please don’t insert YouTube links into your presentation again leave a blank slide where you want it to play and supply the URL to you video so our AV team can download and play at the correct point in your presentation.
• Do not export your PowerPoint slides as a PDF document.
• Please supply fonts.
• Your presentation will be run from the tech desk not on the lectern and you will be
given a clicker with laser pointer in order to forward on slides.
• A preview monitor with speaker notes and conference clock will be provided for your comfort.
• A Stage Manager will be onsite and technical crew in order to help you with your
presentations etc
• On arrival can you please indicate at the registration desk you have a presentation and you will be directed to Matt Bowmaker if you haven’t sent your presentation already. It would be much appreciated if you could please load your presentation at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your session.
• Presentations are loaded onto the central system and are deleted after your presentation has taken place.

Please note, we do not require you to use a BAPRAS presentation template.

Before the start of your session

Presentation Recording
We will be recording the conference and would like to make presentations available to our members after the event. Please get in touch by emailing to this email indicating if you do not consent to your presentation being filmed.

Speaker Biographies and Abstracts
Thank you for providing your photo, biography and abstract- this will be displayed in the online programme and conference app.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch, otherwise, we look forward to seeing you in Newcastle!