Past Winners

2015 Mr J Biddleston Development of an in-vitro human neuronal growth assay for high throughput screening and identification of environmental factors conducive to neurogenesis
2016 Miss Z Jessop 3D printing of cartilage for facial reconstruction: optimising the printability and biofunctionality of nanocellulose for extrusion based 3D bioprinting- Read more
2017 Miss H Wohlgemut 3D bioprinting for patient specific tissue engineered solutions for nerve reconstructive surgery
Mr J Ward  Identifying common immunological mechanisms in fibrosis: an immunophenotypic analysis of radiation-induced fibrosis and capsular contracture 
 2019  Ms L Y Yong  Integration of 3D printed capillary networks into engineered free flaps
 2020  Mr L McMorrow  In-vivo evaluation of a novel composite conduit for peripheral nerve repair
2021 Ms A Wiberg

Developing new therapeutic targets through a single cell atlas of the sub-synovial connective tissues in carpal tunnel syndrome

 2022  Ms A Mortimer  Investigating the potential of human dorsal root ganglia to study the cell intrinsic mechanisms of peripheral nerve regeneration.
 2022  Mr M Wilcox   Blood biomarker Assessment of Nerve Trauma and Early Reinnervation
 2023  Mr A Sawhney  ‘Augmented Reality (AR) vs. Virtual Reality (VR) as a Non pharmacological Intervention for Pain and Anxiety Control During Burns Dressing Changes: A Randomised Control Trial’.

Clinical Trials
2015 Mr S Hettiaratchy A multi-centre randomised controlled trial of pregabalin versus placebo for preventing chronic pain after isolated severe extremity trauma (PrET) 
2016 Mr J Rodrigues The WIRE Trial: should Kirschner wires be buried or not buried following adult hand fracture fixation Read more
2017 Mr R Pinder  The Trigger Finger (TRIGGER) trial
 2018 Mr A
Developing novel outcome measures for peripheral nerve regeneration using light and sound
 2019  Mr M Gardiner Non-surgical joint distraction to treat hand finger fractures. Read more
 2020  Mr J Wormald  The HAWAII Study - Hand and Wrist Trauma: Antimicrobial Sutures and Infection’. Read more
 2021  Mr S George   “REACTS Study - Randomisation to End-to-side Anterior interosseous nerve transfer in Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Study”
 2022  Mr  P Matteucci  Evaluating the current standard of care for patients diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma of the head and neck – access to staging and surgical treatment
 2023  Mr J Totty

‘Patients and clinicians experiences of hair cycle modulation to facilitate wound healing: a qualitative study within a trial (SWAT)’