Updated Guidelines for Microtia and Atresia

4th November 2019


The UK care standards for the management of patients with Microtia and Atresia have been updated as of November 2019.

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Patients born with Microtia and aural Atresia have a complex craniofacial condition that may impact on all aspects of their lives. It is essential that these patients and their families have access to specialised Microtia teams able to provide up to date and unbiased information. A multidisciplinary approach should be taken to provide holistic, individualised assessments and interventions. This should encompass cosmetic, audiological and psychological aspects of their care. Close liaison between local services and the ear reconstruction team is a key component to achieving the best outcomes for these patients. There is a recognised need for agreed care standards for these patients, and this document aims to reflect a consensus view of how this care can be provided in an integrated fashion. It has been produced by a collaboration of professionals working in the field and with stakeholder organisations. The document has been reviewed and updated in light of new evidence and developments in the field.


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