Tracking e-logbook progress

20th March 2012


Latest registration figures for the Pan-Surgical Electronic Logbook (eLogbook) show a promising 15 per cent increase in BAPRAS members signing up since September 2011. Currently 43 per cent of full BAPRAS members and 77 per cent of trainees are registered for the secure web-based resource, which records surgical activity in an online database and produces logbooks or consolidation sheets for assessments and re-validation. 

The eLogbook is proving to be a very useful instrument for both trainees and consultants. We are seeing the benefits of a comprehensive and stable lexicon of procedures, and it is encouraging to see the BAPRAS membership adopting the technology. As eLogbook procedure recording is integrated into the usual routine for more and more surgeons, the data will become increasingly powerful and relevant. Ultimately this will allow both individuals and the speciality to consolidate their central role across the surgical spectrum.

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