Tim Goodacre reveals international ambitions as new BAPRAS President

7th January 2011


Tim says "Thanks to the work of my predecessors, BAPRAS is already the authoritative voice of plastic surgery in the UK.  I now want to extend this so that in 10 years time, BAPRAS is the most respected representative body for plastic surgery in the world.”

He plans to grow BAPRAS in three significant ways in 2011: enhancing the research profile of the Association; increasing BAPRAS’s presence in the regions in which its members are based; and harnessing accurate data relating to the numbers of plastic surgeons, the focus of their work and the impact created.

He continued: “Plastic surgery continues to develop extremely fast and we are now in a very exciting period with the introduction of new technologies, such as tissue engineering and bio-materials. Plastic surgeons have a unique opportunity to help people all over the world achieve a better quality of life and BAPRAS’s role in supporting this is critical.”

Based in Oxford and trained in London, after spending time as a General Surgeon in Tanzania, Tim Goodacre entered plastic surgery to specialise in cleft lip and palate. He says he finds his profession and the chance to teach and inspire others deeply rewarding: “I feel, as many plastic surgeons do, that there is real delight in the process of reconstruction and seeing individuals grow; creating things, rather than destroying them, adding to the body, not taking away.”


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