This week's COVID webinar - Safety of major reconstructive surgery

30th June 2020


Safety of major reconstructive surgery: National audit feedback and discussion (2 July)

Arguably the single most pressing question in relation to Covid-19 and Reconstructive Surgery is that of patient safety. Early published data indicated very high ICU needs and mortality following surgery under general anaesthesia in the presence of Covid-19 infection, but the scientific validity of direct transference off that data into Reconstructive Surgical Practice remained unclear. In this webinar we will discuss the outcomes of the recent National Audit of safety with you, as the contributors of its data, and hear from others involved in surgical safety research.

Babak Mehrara will give his advice based upon the experience in New York, trainees will present critical appraisals of the output from the CovidSurg and Wuhan groups, and we expect input from corresponding authors from the Mumbai group, and recent Lancet paper on the safety of Chemotherapy.

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