COVID 19 Webinars

During the COVID-19 crisis, we are running regular webinars on a variety of topics.

Information on next week's webinar coming soon

Past Webinars

1- PPE, health and welfare (16 April)
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Notes and resources

Meeting summary

  • Guidelines produced for PPE by Public Health England didn’t relate to the specific risks in plastic surgery, so we’ve produced our own interpretation
  • There is a lack of specific evidence available. You are reminded that PHE guidelines are general and should be interpreted where appropriate
  • You cannot securely stratify whether colleagues or patients carry COVID and it is entirely possible for infection to be transmitted before we are aware of an individual’s status
  • While there is a real risk of being infected, there are simple, effective ways to stay safe (outlined in BAPRAS guidelines)

2- Planning the exit from crisis measures (23 April)
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Notes and resources

Meeting summary

  • As we pass the peak of the epidemic and hospitals start to empty, we need to create a roadmap for how to exit crisis measures
  • Expansion of testing is key to allowing a return to pre-crisis surgery
  • It is important not to lose new, innovative ways of working post-crisis
  • Pre-crisis issues, such as waiting times for breast reconstruction will need to be tackled, as the problem is impacted further by current crisis measures


3- Education and training (30 April)
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Notes and resources

Meeting summary
  • Many of the decisions made on training have been done on a pan-specialty basis and as such aren't a direct fit with plastics
  • The national selection process will be taking place via a portfolio review method. We will do everything we can to ensure this doesn't become standard in future
  • Outcomes have been added to the ARCP framework to take account of the COVID crisis
  • It is hoped the examination schedule will return to normal in 2021.

4- Pastoral Care (7 May)
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Notes, resources and discussion

5- Adult hand surgery (21 May)
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Notes and resources coming soon

6- Skin cancer (28 May)
Notes, resources and recording coming soon