RSPH Skins and needles campaign

14th June 2019


BAPRAS supports the Royal Society for Public Health’s call for greater regulations of procedures that compromise the skin barrier. In particular, our surgeons endorse the call for non-surgical interventions to be restricted to over-18s, unless the individual has a medical or reconstructive need for this as determined by a properly qualified and registered medical practitioner. 

While we of course recognise the importance of age restrictions and the need for infection control, we would suggest that the recommendations of the Skins and Needles report do not go far enough. The risks associated with cosmetic fillers are far-reaching and, if not administered correctly, the complications can be severe and even life-changing. Practitioners must be fully qualified to not only prevent infection, but ensure that only a regulated, high-quality filler product is administered to patients that have been made fully aware of the risks of their procedure. There is a need for fillers to be scrutinised and regulated more formally by bodies such as the Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority (CPSA) and the Joint Council for Cosmetic Procedures (JCCP), as this is currently not the case.

To read the RSPH report in full, click here


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