Pump Priming Fund & Paton-Masser Memorial Fund - Applications Open

5th October 2021


Pump Priming Fund

The BAPRAS Research Committee administers two pump priming funds for clinical trials and consumables. It aims to make two awards each year of £20,000 (one for clinical trials and one for consumables).

Click here to apply for the Consumables Grant

Click here to apply for the Clinical Trials Grant

Deadline for applications: 31 October.

Paton-Masser Memorial Fund

Established in 1991 following the tragic deaths of Mr Michael Masser and Mr Ken Paton, this fund provides money for reserach projects in plastic surgery in the British Isles. £5,000 is available annually which may be given to one project or divided, as considered appropriate by the members of the BAPRAS research committee.

Deadline for applications: 31 October.

Click here to apply.

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