Plastic surgery integral to creating high quality outcomes in emergency surgery care

7th April 2011


BAPRAS welcome these findings and support the recommendations made to ensure that patients are given the care they need and deserve when they are at their most vulnerable. Plastic surgery continues to play an important role with regards to emergency surgery care, and we welcome action which enables this acute speciality to be involved in multi-disciplinary teams in order to provide the highest quality outcomes for patients, regardless of where they are situated.

Plastic surgery is often mistakenly identified as only being concerned with planned operations, whereas the truth of the matter is that we handle a very large proportion of primary trauma cases resulting in unscheduled care. Our breadth of experience means we can work on any part of the body required, and particularly faces and hands where our unique skills are most often needed.

Making patients our priority remains key - and we look to the NHS to implement the report recommendations made in a timely way so that this can be achieved.


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