New melanoma guidelines to be debated at winter scientific meeting

15th November 2010


The National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence published their guidance on Cancer services and Improving outcomes guidance for people with skin tumours including melanomas in February 2006.

 The British Association of Dermatologists in conjunction with a number of associations, including BAPRAS, have published the BAD/MSG updated melanoma guidelines

Issues have arisen following the recent National Peer review process that need to be debated in our specialist association.  

Examples include recommendations to refer patients primarily to dermatologists, attendance levels at multidisciplinary meetings of at least 50% per annum, 15 block dissections per year for axillae and groins, no specified minimum numbers for Sentinel node biopsy, pelvic or neck dissections, three centimetre margins for thicker melanomas and provision of care in specialised tertiary referral centres.

A debate and feedback on membership views on these topics will be presented at this year's Winter Scientific Meeting.

BAPRAS will be consulted on its views and there may be an opportunity to ask for changes in the peer review measures later this year.


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