Joint Statement from the ABS and BAPRAS

30th May 2022


BAPRAS together with ABS have put together a statement addressing the backlog currently affecting Reconstructive Breast Surgery. 

"During the height of the COVID pandemic advice was issued regarding surgical prioritisation in the treatment of breast cancer.  Initially surgery was avoided completely in all but the most high risk patients. Breast reconstruction was also paused at this time due to initial concerns regarding the outcomes in cancer patients who might be COVID positive.  There was also enormous pressure on beds, and intensive care with relatively high death rates from COVID.

The situation in 2022 is radically different, and while COVID remains common a combination of a less aggressive dominant COVID variant, widespread vaccination and better treatment mean that morbidity and mortality from COVID infection is much reduced.

There is now no medical reason why breast reconstruction should not be performed in the normal way.  This includes free flap and implant-based breast reconstruction. "

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