BIA-ALCL Update for ABS, BAAPS and BAPRAS Members

25th November 2019


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The topic of implant safety and in particular BIA-ALCL and BII is in evolution. Working together and in consultation with the MHRA, ABS, BAAPS and BAPRAS have developed a joint Association perspective which we are now able to share.

The guidance below comprises of a statement and resource pack and has been produced to help you when identifying and making decisions about what information to share with patients who are considering whether to undergo implant based reconstruction or cosmetic breast augmentation surgery as well as reassurance for those having undergone surgery already. Although it draws together what the Associations consider to be the best available knowledge at this time, because our knowledge of BIA ALCL is constantly developing it is not intended to be an exclusive reference tool nor should it be relied upon as such. It is specifically to facilitate but not replace your provision of clear information and advice to patients.

We are most grateful to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons who have developed excellent up to date resources for both clinicians and patients which they have now made available to us with the only condition being that any reference to ASPS is retained in any literature used for this purpose. These documents can be found hyperlinked at the bottom of this email under 'further resources'. We are currently working to develop UK specific information.

As an extension of our current collaboration we wish to establish an expert support service for clinicians as is being established by our American colleagues. They are enthusiastic to work with us through their Global Forum under the leadership of Professor Robert Murphy, past president ASPS, to develop best practice in plastic surgery across the globe.

In addition, we are seeking to establish a global database/registry for concerned asymptomatic patients who are not necessarily on anyone else's register potentially to be managed by our Dutch colleague Hinne Rakhorst as an ICOPLAST venture. The intention is to use this as an educational tool to provide patients with a balanced patient-focussed perspective on any developments as they arise and hopefully avoid unnecessary anxiety or exploitation of the vulnerable by those using media channels to advance their agendas.

The more we can make this a global collaboration the better we believe that this will be for all concerned and especially our patients.

Please also note the links in our joint statement to the existing resources from the ABS website and the Australian government. Although there is inevitably some duplication with the enclosed guidance, we believe that these are both valuable resources regarding BIA ALCL which are worthy of your attention, too.

Finally, we intend to identify referral centres for the management of suspected cases of ALCL and would be most grateful if you would let us know whether you and your colleagues would be interested in providing this service.

Access the joint association statement here

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