BAPRAS supports protection of individuals targeted by cosmetic surgery advertising

28th March 2012


Professional standards and patient care are the primary concern of BAPRAS and we strongly support the need for the protection of individuals who may be targeted by cosmetic surgery advertising.  

We agree that the recent rise in mis-selling of cosmetic surgery requires urgent action and should be a key part of tighter regulation of the cosmetic surgery sector overall.  We are working as part of the Department of Health’s expert group to achieve this.
However, we do not believe that a complete ban on cosmetic surgery advertising in the UK is the best way to achieve patient protection.  Withholding information restricts patient knowledge and ability to make a choice.  It could also drive increased numbers of patients overseas and create additional health problems for both individuals and the wider NHS, as is increasingly seen by examples of cosmetic tourism.

In 2005 we worked with the General Medical Council and other organisations, including BAAPS, to develop a Code of Conduct in Cosmetic Surgery that dictates how doctors may advertise cosmetic surgery services.  The Independent Healthcare Advisory Services also have their own policies on appropriate advertising of cosmetic surgery and treatments.  These form good starting points for patient protection but need to be consistently and rigorously applied to all cosmetic surgery clinics and agencies, and need to be strictly policed with swift action taken against those who break the rules. 

Any clinics producing irresponsible examples of advertising or promotional information should be fined or ultimately have their operating licence removed.

We look forward to updating you on our progress.


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