BAPRAS starts consultation process on draft EU Standard for Aesthetic Surgery Services

10th January 2012


BAPRAS welcomes the start of the consultation process for the draft EU Standard for Aesthetic Surgery Services (BS EN 16372 Aesthetic Surgery Services) and is inviting its members to contribute their knowledge and perspective to ensure the right solution is reached for the UK market.

Consultant plastic surgeon Richard Milner, President of BAPRAS, said:
"Recent events with the PIP breast implants have reiterated the important of quality and safety across all aspects of cosmetic surgery and make the timing of this consultation process very pertinent. There has been a change in recent years in the practice and perception of aesthetic surgery. Its prominence in the media, the effects of a proliferation of advertising, has combined with the provision of treatment by practitioners subject to limited regulation, many of whom are not surgically trained or trained to what we would consider an insufficient standard. This has produced an approach by some practitioners who have come to the view that cosmetic surgery is simply an industry and this has potentially left the general public in a vulnerable position. There is an urgent need to ensure that aesthetic surgery is undertaken by practitioners who place patient safety and quality of outcome as their pre-eminent concerns. The draft EU standard needs to be carefully evaluated to ensure it presents people in the UK with the best framework for aesthetic surgery, not just today but on an on-going basis. BAPRAS will be leading a full review and we urge our members to take part in the process."


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