BAPRAS statement regarding the recent reports of sexual harassment and assault in surgery

7th January 2022


According to consultant plastic surgeon and BAPRAS President Ruth Waters: 

“We were saddened to read of the experience of sexual assault reported in the RCS Bulletin by one of our members.
Unfortunately, we were already aware of some of these issues, having previously conducted surveys of our members on the subject of bullying and harassment.
We unequivocally condemn any behaviour of this sort and would support all victims. 
As an association, we have done much over the past few years relating to this area, such as discussions with the trainees’ association and our members; organised and assisted in training and mentorship programmes, and explored this theme through lectures and talks at our scientific meetings. Clearly, this is not enough and we are currently exploring further avenues that can also help reduce the onus on the victims to encourage change.
We will continue to work towards finding ways to eliminate this unacceptable – and often criminal – behaviour, as well as find better ways to support victims of assault and abuse in our profession. BAPRAS intends to work with all relevant bodies to create a solid system that can effectively deal with this challenge, and will keep our membership updated on any developments.”


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