BAPRAS reiterates position regarding female genital cosmetic surgery

11th December 2014


Comments from the Home Secretary Theresa May have been featured in the media this week regarding the law around female genital cosmetic surgery.

BAPRAS recognises that this is a highly sensitive issue. BAPRAS Deputy President Nigel Mercer comments on the Association’s latest position on the circumstances around these procedures:

BAPRAS is supportive of radical central regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry to help clamp down on anyone performing female genital cosmetic surgery operations unnecessarily or without due consideration for individual patient needs and their proper care.
Female genital cosmetic surgery is often trivialised but it is important to recognize that there are appropriate situations where there are sound medical reasons relating to function and appearance where surgery is right for the patient and with all options having been explored. In these instances it is vital that it should only be performed when necessary and only ever by a properly qualified and experienced surgeon. Any potential patient must be fully counselled by the surgeon about the risks and complications of such surgery, including all possible psychological problems after surgery and with the full support and involvement of their general practitioner. Where appropriate, patients should also be treated with the advice of a psychologist.

Nigel Mercer,
Deputy President


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