BAPRAS in the news

30th March 2012


Plastic surgery has been high profile in the media this week, with BAPRAS members at the forefront.

The Commons Health Select Committee report on PIP breast implants was released on Tuesday, prompting debate about how the PIPs issue has been handled. BAPRAS' Tim Goodacre spoke to the BBC to emphasise the importance of patient safety. He also raised questions about how policy can now move forward. For a full overview of BAPRAS' position.

The issue of cosmetic surgery advertising was re-ignited by the Committee's report and BAPRAS gave a statement to the Radio 4 programme You and Yours explaining BAPRAS' position that there shouldn't be a blanket ban on advertising. In its statement BAPRAS emphasised that patient safety should be the prime concern and recommended that the current advertising standards should be amended to cover clinics to help stop dangerous marketing tactics. However, BAPRAS opposes a full ban as it is in the best interests of patients that information should be available for them to be able to make educated decisions about procedures and surgeons.

The facial transplant of American Richard Norris highlighted the positive effect plastic surgery can have on people's lives and the huge leaps forward plastic and reconstructive surgery has taken over the last decade. Similar groundbreaking surgeries are planned in the UK for 2012 - something BAPRAS is looking forward to.

With BAPRAS surgeons leading both cleft lip research and surgery, BAPRAS welcomes the launch of The Cleft Collective, the world's largest ever cleft lip and palate research programme.

Finally, Hazim Sadideen, a plastic surgical registrar, has led a study into using music to help relieve anxiety in surgical patients which received coverage on the BBC.


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