Charlotte's story

Charlotte, aged 27, decided to have a breast augmentation after losing breast tissue following the birth of her first child. However, she felt rushed into the decision and experienced problems following surgery, having visited a surgeon who she wasn’t entirely happy with. Here, she talks about the importance of taking time to choose the right surgeon.

I decided to have a breast augmentation after losing some of my breast tissue following the birth of my first child. I had had a nose job with a BAPRAS consultant plastic surgeon before this and was initially thinking of going straight to him for the breast augmentation procedure too. However, when I was considering my options I read lots about another mainstream plastic surgery clinic and about how a number of celebrities had gone with them. Many people were saying that this clinic looked fantastic and could deliver great results.

I met with a representative from the group and got caught up and excited in all the fantastic things she was saying. Instead of taking time to consider my options I agreed to attend an appointment at one of the group’s clinics in Leeds, and soon after ended up receiving the operation with one of the group’s surgeons in Manchester.

I felt my consultation was very rushed and I didn’t have the appropriate time to take a step back and think about whether I was making the right choice. I was told to put two different types of implant in my bra and walk around to see how they felt. At the time they had felt okay, but once they were inside me it was different – they didn’t feel right. 

I remember coming out of the operation feeling that something was wrong. My implants also looked bigger than I was expecting. I later learned that one of the implants had come out of its ‘pocket’ inside me – but at the time I had been reassured by the surgeon that there wasn’t a problem. 

I felt embarrassed and was in pain. Even assistants at the shop noticed that the look wasn’t normal and I found it difficult having bras fitted.

In the end I went back to my BAPRAS consultant plastic surgeon for corrective surgery. He pointed out a number of things that were wrong, including that the measurements for the implants were incorrect and that this was why I felt like my breasts were sagging.

He also advised me to go away and take time to consider whether I wanted to have more surgery before making a final decision. I’m glad he did this.

The second procedure was a success and now I’m much happier and more confident about my appearance.

I would urge anyone considering surgery to take an in-depth look into the background of the surgeon who will be operating on you and find out how much experience they have. 

The most important thing about my BAPRAS surgeon is that he was responsible in telling me that I needed time for myself in order to make a proper decision. I wish I’d had this advice in the first place.