Professor Joseph's instruments: Back home

2nd March 2010


The sixty or so instruments that had belonged to the pioneer German rhinoplasty surgeon Jacques Joseph have been returned from an exhibition in Dresden. 

They are available to view in the Antony Wallace archive by arrangement with the Archivist.

Professor Joseph's instruments were exhibited in Dresden as part of the ground-breaking War and Medicine exhibition at the Wellcome Collection. The exhibition considered the continually evolving relationship between warfare and medicine, beginning with the disasters of the Crimean War in the 1850s and continuing through to today's conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Organised in partnership with The Museum of Man, the War and Medicine exhibition focused on modern conflict through the personal experiences of surgeons, soldiers, civilians, nurses, writers and artists. Professors Joseph's instruments were part of a specific discussion about the pioneering plastic surgery techniques first developed during the First World War.

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More information on BAPRAS' Antony Wallace Archive is available here


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