BAPRAS Statement on 'Brazillian Butt Lift' Surgery

8th October 2018


Mark Henley, Consultant Plastic Reconstructive and Cleft Surgeon and incoming-President of the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons commented: “BAPRAS is fully supportive of BAAPS’ decision to call on surgeons to stop performing buttock enhancement procedures by fat transfer in the UK until the MultiSociety Gluteal Fat Gratfting Task Force has collated accurate data on this procedure and made recommendations. The risks of serious complications, or even death, are far too high for a cosmetic procedure and we would urge anyone considering undergoing this type of surgery at this time to rethink their decision. Perhaps even more importantly, safety standards vary widely overseas indicating a need for even greater caution for anyone considering undergoing these procedures abroad.”

“Brazilian butt lifts involve removing fat from other areas of the body and re-injecting it into the buttocks. If done incorrectly, the fat can enter into a patient’s bloodstream leading to potentially life-threatening blockages in the heart or brain. Recent studies suggest that the death rate globally for these procedures could be as high as one in 3,000 operations.” 

BAAPS Press release: 

BAPRAS Think Over Before you Make Over Campaign:


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