Past Winners

1987 D S Soutar  The radial forearm flap in intra oral reconstruction
1988 M Corlett & G I Taylor Jaws 4
1989 C M Ward Breast reconstruction after mastectomy

M A C S Cooper  The Multiple Y-V plasty in burn scar contracture release 
1990 K J Herbert  Otoplasty: a technique for prominent ears
1991 H Scheepers  Tissue expansion of the scalp and forehead 
  M Erdmann  Endoscopic carpal ligament release 
1992 M Sood & R W Piggot  Alar leapfrog: unilateral cleft lip repair with primary nasal correction 
1993 W Jaffe, P Richards & N Waterhouse Hyperterlorism 
1994 A Bracka & S S Thomas  The two staged hypospadias repair 
1995 A Armstrong & O Asplund  Vertical scar breast reduction: glandular based nipple transposition 
1996 J Panchal, J O'Donoghue & K Cronin  Management of mid face fractures 
1998 J Evans  Breast reduction seminar 
2000 K Stewart, N Waterhouse & I Jackson  Orbital expansion
2001 J M Pleat, N S G Mercer, E H Albery & A P Roberts  The assessment of velopharyngeal function
2003 S Wilson  Percutaneous tracheostomy: a modern approach of airway management in head and neck surgery 
2004 S P J Kay, G Bourke & M Hinchcliffe  Synchrodonous double toe to hand transfer in a child 
2006 M Foster & A Orlando  Neck Dissection 

R Karoo, C Malic & T Schoeller Breast reconstruction using the transverse myocutaneious gracilis free flap 
2007 A Rashid   The salami: a novel technique to cover cranial defects in craniosynostosis
  K Shokrollahi  A new method for the correction of prominent ears using a single buried suture 
2008 Z A Sheikh, D Fallaha, A Curnier & J H Stevenson  The modified Bretteville technique: a versatile repair for hypospadias 
2009 A Blackburn & M Ragbir  The fibula flap: the Newcastle refinements 
2010 N Brierley & F Urso-Baidara  The simple slip knot 
2011 M D Gardiner, J K Chan, M Pearse & J Nanchahal  Open fractures of the lower limb 
2013 A Salibi & J R Scott  Inverted nipple correction: can it be any simpler?
  M McKelvie & T Ahmad  Conservative radical muscle dissection: a new approach of cleft palate repair 
2014 A Curnier, M Twoon, S E Thompson, I Depasquale & E Smyth Lateral mammoplasty: an instructional video
  M Lamyman The medial plantar flap 
2015 K Young & T Choudhry  Nerve transfers for tetraplegia
  M U Javed, S Atherton, M Williams & R O S Karoo Electrochemotherapy for the palliative treatment of cutaneous metastasis in melanoma and skin cancers
2016 M Maher & M Dalal 1 stage hypospadias repair 
2017 M Javed, S Atherton, M Williams, B Aldridge & M Murison  Fractioned ablative CO‚Äčlaser for the treatment of rhinophyma
 2018 D Izadi, W Ahmed & A McQuillan 

Managing Intra-Articular Fractures of the
Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Using the Hemi-Hamate Arthroplasty
 2019 Berner, Nikkhah, Teo The Superficial Iliac Artery Perforator (SCIP) Flap