Support for Ukraine - Lower limb webinar series

BAPRAS has been working with BOA, BSSH and the Ukrainian Association of Orthopedists-Traumatologists to deliver a series of weekly webinars to support our Ukrainian colleagues with managing complex trauma/pathology.

The first webinar was held on 12th April 2022 and covered immediate management of lower limb injuries. Please find below a list of previous webinars with links where you can re-watch them. 


Upcoming Webinars: 

21 June, 18:30 UK 19:30 CET 20:30 Ukraine
Lower Limb Nerve Injuries and Reconstruction 

Chairs: Andrii Lysak and Simon Hodgkinson
Speakers: Demetrius Evriviades, Kate Brown
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Tuesday, 5 July, 18:30 UK 19:30 CET 20:30 Ukraine
Management of Bone defects

Chairs: Andrii Lysak and Will Eardley
Speakers: Graham Groom & Sarah Phillips
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Previous Webinars: 

Management of thermal and chemical burns
Chair: Andrii Lysak & co-chair Bob Handley
Speaker: Colonel Alan Kay
Please click here to re-watch a recording of this session.

Nature of burn injury in conflict, realities of initial burn care and definitive burn care when resources are stretched - Alan Kay Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Non-thermal burn injury in conflict and a piece on the specifics of Phosphorous - Niall Martin, Consultant Burn Surgeon

Toxicological manifestations of exposure to chemicals in a conflict environment - Andy Johnston, Consultant Intensivist and Respiratory Physician


Tuesday 24th May 2022, 18:30 BST/20:30 EEST
Resuscitation and immediate management of paediatric battle casualties

Chairs: Andrii Lysak and Sarah Stapley
Speakers: Paul Reavley and Steve Bree
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Tuesday 10 May, 18:30 BST/20:30 EEST
Simple flaps and external fixator principles for battlefield casualties

This webinar session will be chaired by Andrii Lysak and James Baden and the speaker panel includes Shehan Hettiaratchy and Alistair Mountain.
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Tuesday 26 April, 18:30 BST/20:30 EEST
Compartment syndrome and fasciotomy in a military context
The webinar will be chaired by Andrii Lysak, co-chaired by Bob Handley and Demetrius Evriviades and Will Eardley will each deliver a 20-minute tips and tricks talk followed by a Q&A session and cases.
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Tuesday 12 April, 18:30 BST/20:30 EEST
Immediate management of lower limb injuries

Held on 12th April 2022, this is a recording of the first webinar in the Lower Limb Webinar Series hosted by the BOA, BAPRAS and the Ukrainian Association of Orthopaedists - Traumatologists. In this session is chaired by Andrii Lysak Shehan Hettiaratchy we will hear from Graham Lawton and Jowan Penn-Barwell.
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