Surgical Art Performing for the ST3 Interview in Plastic Surgery January 2018

13-14 January 2018
27-28 January 2018

Surgical-Art, Liverpool

Event Description 
At Surgical Art we believe that the ST3 interview does not just identify a potential Registrar but rather a future Consultant. The two day structured course maintains this philosophy at the centre of its delivery.
This comprehensive programme crystallises the extensive research from a number of successful trainee experiences (including one who ranked 1st Nationally) and combines it with Surgical-Art's unique approach to verbal & non-verbal communication skills, strategy and preparation taking you from application through to interview. Covering all elements of the interview you will have an opportunity to gain a deep insight into the process and tap into a wealth of knowledge from both Trainees and Consultants who will provide you with a holistic and higher order perspective to the interview.

Suitable for all trainees being interviewed in April 2018 and also for those preparing early for future interviews


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