Surgeons at the sharp end: Knife crime in the West Midlands

19 September 2019

The Studio, Birmingham

Event description

Police data shows knife crime has more than doubled in West Midlands since 2012, with 700 victims in the region just last year. The number of crimes involving a knife or sharp instrument is on the rise, with over 60 stabbing offences in an average week. Knife wounds can be fatal or leave patients with chronic health problems. So, how can surgeons contribute to help prevent incidents of knife crime and reduce the harm caused by knife wounds?

A panel of expert speakers will be delivering sessions on:

- management of knife wound injuries (abdominal, chest and other trauma related injuries);

- reasons, outcomes and the West Midlands' knife crime experience;

- the role of the Royal College of Surgeons and the development of emergency trauma as a specialty.

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