Innovation SIG 'innovation toolkit' day

Saturday 13 January 2018

thestudio, Manchester

Event Description
'How to become an innovative surgeon in the NHS'.  Sponsored by NexoBrid

What do you do with your good ideas?
Who do you talk to about them, and how do you turn a great idea into improved practice?
Have you ever tried to make change happen, but failed? Has that put you off trying again?

The BAPRAS Innovation SIG want all plastics trainees to be future innovators. Individually we have delivered change within our workplaces, from local IT systems, to national guidelines, to social media and apps. We have also failed, and tried our best to learn from our mistakes.

Join us for a series of talks and interactive sessions on innovation within plastic surgery and the NHS, and learn how to develop your ideas for product and process innovation, how to secure funding and approval within your workplace, and how to pitch your ideas successfully.

Aims of the day
•  Understand the principles of delivering innovation within the NHS at trainee and consultant level
•  Learn about relevant NHS clinical, financial and service management to help negotiate innovatio
•  Learn how to make the best of healthcare teams
•  Learn how to pitch your ideas, and who to pitch them to
•  Pitch to the faculty and delegates in our Prizewinning Pitching Competition 

Pitching Prize
We would like you to come along with your great ideas for innovative practice, and to pitch them to the faculty and delegates.

The winning pitch (as judged by the faculty) will win a cash prize of £200 and be offered the help of the BAPRAS Innovation Group in developing their idea.

Your innovation idea could be for a change in your workplace, such as a new pathway, policy or guideline, or a new way to deliver plastic surgical care, or it could be for a device, an app, or a way of communicating with patients. Whatever it is, we'd like you to consider this an opportunity to try your idea out on a like-minded audience, so think carefully, and come prepared...

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