Facial Plastic Surgery Flap Reconstruction Dissection Course

19 April 2018 

Cuschieri Skills Centre, Dundee, Scotland

Event Description 
This one-day course held in the Cuschieri Skills Centre, provides a competency based approach to facial skin cancer tumour resection and reconstruction with grafts and local skin flaps. 
A series of structured exercises has been devised so that trainees can complete a variety of facial soft tissue surgery simulations based on the more common skin flap procedures encountered.  Delegates will be working in pairs on cadaver based dissection covering the following - Full thickness skin graft and composite grafts, random flaps I: advancement and transposition flaps, random flaps II: rhomboid flap, bilobed flap, rotation flap, island pedicled Ffaps, total nasal reconstruction and the paramedian forehead flap and
pinna reconstruction. 

£175 for Scottish based ENT attendees (discount due to NES funding) / £330 for all other attendees

For more information
Visit https://cuschieri.dundee.ac.uk/courses/ent/aesthetic-facial-surgery-exercises-cadaver-dissection/wed-04182018-0845