8th Annual Oxford Bone Infection Conference (OBIC)

21 & 22 March 2019

Examination Schools, High Street, oxford

Event description
The 8th Annual Oxford Bone Infection Conference represents a superb opportunity to communicate and interact with colleagues who manage bone and joint infections.
The aim of this meeting is to share ideas and stimulate discussion. This, we hope, will improve clinical practice and encourage research to strengthen the evidence base in this

The underlying principle of OBIC is multi-disciplinary working. We invite all grades of orthopaedic and trauma surgeons, plastic surgeons, infection specialists, nursing and therapy staff and researchers to attend.

Programme: Internationally renowned speakers will deliver state-of-the-art talks, including the prestigious Cierny-Mader lecture which is invited each year to honour excellence and innovation in the multidisciplinary management of bone and joint infection The full programme will be available soon and will incorporate lectures, workshops and interactive sessions.

Abstract Submissions: Abstract submissions are welcomed for oral or poster presentation during the conference. 

  Both Days (By 21/02)  From 22/02  One Day 
Consultant   £300  £360   £204 
Trainee  £180  £240   £108 
Nurse/Physio   £168  £204   £96
Conference Dinner  £60  n/a  n/a

Further information
Email derry@harleytaylor.co.uk