2nd Cadaver Workshop in Lymphatic Surgery

25-26 June 2020

Edificio Severo Ochoa. Campus San Juan - Alicante, Spain


Event description

Lymphatic microsurgery is a field experiencing a continuously growing interest within the plastic surgery community. This practical course focused on lymphatic microsurgery including over 15 hours of practical training fresh cadaveric material (with only 2 dissecting participants per operating table) is designed for residents and specialists in plastic surgery (worldwide) to learn or further refine their skills in lymphatic microsurgery.

One of the most challenging caveats to achieve success in lymphedema treatment is learning to perform the microsurgical lymphatic procedures from intraoperative identification of lymph vessels to performing lymphovenous anastomoses or harvesting a vascularised lymph-nodes to be used later on the same patient as free tissue transfer. Such skills can only be learned and mastered in the laboratory on experimental animal models and then further refined on human tissue.

The course consists mainly of practical exercises which will be performed under either loupe magnification.

Further information
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